A web of a week!

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This week the children have been listening to different versions of the Anansi the Spider story. We have been talking about the ways the different characters might be feeling at different parts of the story and then using these ideas to write adjectives to describe Anansi. We have also been using spider legs to help the children to learn about doubles in maths.

Challenges this week have included making their own Anansi on a web; weighing different animals, ordering pictures from the story; drawing and writing about the different meals from the story and finding healthy food. In the classroom the children have been using the small word animals to retell the Anansi story, making baskets to carry carrots, building spiders and webs using the K-Nex, writing parts of the story, creating models using the clay and much more.

Please contact the office if you require a paper copy of any of these documents.

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