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Irish Dancing

0 Yesterday, Year 6 had the treat of an Irish dancing workshop. There were some complex manoeuvres involved so they really had to concentrate!

So long….farewell…….for the weekend at least!

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3+ Today we said goodbye to the ducks before they move away to their temporary homes for the weekend! We cannot wait to see...   Read More

Funky Friday!

11+ The sound of music echoed through the school grounds today at lunchtime! But why? Because it’s Funky Friday of course! On every other...   Read More

Another Quacking good day!!!

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1+ We have had more fun with our ducklings today- children have taken on roles to help look after them, and we had all...   Read More

Yr 5/6 Gymnastics Competition.

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3+ A huge congratulations to our Yr5/6 Gymnasts who came 6th out of 18 schools in the competition on Monday! The girls trained hard...   Read More

Spelling Shed Superheroes

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3+ It has been fantastic to see how well our KS2 pupils have engaged with Spelling Shed in order to learn key spelling rules...   Read More

A golden week!

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1+ This week the children have been completing work based around the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. At the beginning of the...   Read More

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