Daily Archives: 5th March 2019

A winning start!

Year 5 BlogYear 6 BlogComments Off on A winning start!

1+ A team of boys from Year 5 and Year 6 represented the school in a brand new football competition which will see them...   Read More

I am Beowulf and I am here to destroy your monster!

Year 4 BlogComments Off on I am Beowulf and I am here to destroy your monster!

0 This morning we started our English lesson by discussing the characteristics of a hero. We also look at how these characteristics differ from...   Read More

Cooperation and KAPLA

Year 4 BlogComments Off on Cooperation and KAPLA

0 Today we discussed our new value – Cooperation. We then tested our teamwork skills and were challenged to build the tallest tower using...   Read More

Mother’s Day

NewsComments Off on Mother’s Day


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