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Homework Wall of Fame

Year 5 BlogComments Off on Homework Wall of Fame

0 Well done to those who made it onto the ‘Homework Wall of Fame’ for this week and last week!

Junior Strictly Runners-Up!

NewsYear 3 BlogYear 4 BlogComments Off on Junior Strictly Runners-Up!

0 Yesterday saw the Year 3/4 Junior Strictly competition at the Deco Theatre. After nearly ten weeks of training and practising, the time had...   Read More

A web of a week!

Reception BlogComments Off on A web of a week!

0 This week the children have been listening to different versions of the Anansi the Spider story. We have been talking about the ways...   Read More

Getting in the Strictly spirit!

Year 4 BlogComments Off on Getting in the Strictly spirit!

1+ This afternoon Year 4 got into the Strictly spirit by learning the basic moves to a Salsa dance. After mastering the moves, the...   Read More

A sticky afternoon!

Year 4 BlogComments Off on A sticky afternoon!

0 We had a very sticky and fun afternoon in Year 4 today! We started creating our Anglo-Saxon brooches in art which we had...   Read More

What a quacking afternoon!

Year 2 BlogComments Off on What a quacking afternoon!

0 This afternoon we had a lovely time when we went and visited the ducklings in Year 5. We sat very quietly and observed...   Read More

TT Rockstars club

0 Another busy week at TT rockstars club! The current battle is between the Y3 classes. It’s quite close at the minute, with just...   Read More

Finding the nth term

Year 6 BlogComments Off on Finding the nth term

0 Today, we tackled a really tricky concept in maths: finding the nth term of a sequence. The children were fantastic and picked it...   Read More

Reading with expression!

Year 2 BlogComments Off on Reading with expression!

0 This week we worked with a partner and read a chapter from James and the Giant Peach together. We each took turns to...   Read More

Cooperation in maths!

Year 3 BlogComments Off on Cooperation in maths!

0 This week, year 3 were again working on their skills of cooperation. This time, they had to work together with a partner to...   Read More

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