A Galactic week!

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This week the children have had a journey through space in the immersive room which they have then been writing about in Literacy. We have also had a visit from some aliens who have needed some help sharing out their underpants!

Alongside this the children have been making their own flying rockets, drawing moon buggies, turning their hand prints into aliens, writing a list of what they would take to space, thinking and talking about if they would like to go to space and why.

During their free learning the children the children have been building space vehicles with the K-Nex, drawing pictures and writing about space, using moon dust to continue their learning about capacity, using the small world to make up stories about space, building super structures and much more.

Have a wonderful holiday. If you go away anywhere remember to send us a postcard for our display.

Please contact the office if you require a paper copy of any of these documents.

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