Henry VIII? In Year 4?

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This morning, the children in 4JW received a huge shock!

As the class quietly discussed what they had learned over the last six weeks, a rather loud banging came from the classroom door. All the heads turned at once to be greeted by a figure standing in the doorway. Nervously, the mysterious stranger was let into the classroom by a rather curious child. It was King Henry VIII! This act of kindness was not well received as the stern faced royal seemed hugely upset that he had not been let in sooner. After receiving a warm welcome, which included all members of the class standing and bowing, the king took to his throne at the front of the room.

His Royal Highness was feeling very generous and allowed his adoring public to ask him questions regarding each of his six wives. He chose one child to be his royal assistant as he sat and devoured chicken leg after chicken leg!

After half an hour of rigorous questioning, the king decided that it was time for him to depart. He made sure that all the children in the class showed him the correct manners as he left, again bowing, before wishing him a fond farewell and a thank you for his valuable time.

It was a fantastic way to finish off our Henry VIII topic which the children have absolutely loved learning about.

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