4LD’s visit from the one and only… Henry VIII.

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In 4LD, the clock struck 11am. ..

The children were quietly discussing their learning in English when suddenly… there were three mighty bangs on the classroom door. All of the children quickly gazed over to the door where, through the glass, they could see King Henry VIII waiting to be let in. Excitedly, a child opened the door to Henry (who seemed annoyed that we had taken longer than 5 seconds to let him in)! We all stood and bowed to the king before he took a seat at the front of the class.

His Royal Highness kindly allowed us to ask him some questions about his life and his six wives. He chose one child to be his royal helper whilst he sat down and ate chicken legs!

After half an hour of his time, he had to leave to visit the other class. He made sure that we were respectful and bowed before him before leaving the class (however, our first attempt at bowing was not good enough so we did have to do it twice)!

It was a fantastic way to finish off our Henry VIII topic which the children have absolutely loved learning about.

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