Ahrrr me hearties!

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It’s been a swash buckling week of Pirate themed activities for the Peter Rabbits and Paddington Bears this week. The children have been making their own Pirate hats and flags and we have even turned the climbing frame into a Pirate ship, although it did get a bit frosty!

We read the story ‘The Pirates Next Door’ and the children’s have been writing descriptions of the ship in Literacy as well as practising their independent writing by drawing and writing a list of what the Pirates left behind. In maths they have been solving Pirate based word problems, using gold coins and number lines to help them solve the subtraction questions.

Along side this the children have been drawing their own treasure maps, completing Pirate adding, singing Pirate songs, finding treasure using the BeeBots, making up stories using the Pirate ship, thinking about the best way to make a treasure chest and learning how to find the pulse in a song. We have also been learning about Pirate myths and facts as well as talking about things that we ‘treasure’.

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