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Campfire Fun

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On Friday afternoon we ventured down to the outdoor learning area. It was a lovely afternoon! We had lots of activities going on and...   Read More

Year 5 Homework Wall of Fame

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Here are our winners from this week and the week before! Well done for putting an exceptional amount of effort into your homework!

A Galactic week!

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This week the children have had a journey through space in the immersive room which they have then been writing about in Literacy. We...   Read More

Headteacher Newsletter No. 335

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The Partnership

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Holidays are booked!!

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Yr5 have been busy booking summer holidays today. We used example holidays from our own databases and compared them with holidays that we could...   Read More

Year 4 Open View

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Today we had our mid-year open view session and we were thrilled to see so many family members attending (we appreciate how tricky it...   Read More

Henry VIII? In Year 4?

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This morning, the children in 4JW received a huge shock! As the class quietly discussed what they had learned over the last six weeks,...   Read More

4LD’s visit from the one and only… Henry VIII.

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In 4LD, the clock struck 11am. .. The children were quietly discussing their learning in English when suddenly… there were three mighty bangs on...   Read More

Nǐ hǎo

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This week, 4JW had the first of their Mandarin sessions. We started the session by being introduced to our teacher, Shen Laoshi (Teacher Shen),...   Read More

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