Wedding preperations

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This week the children in Reception have been busy preparing for today’s Wedding. They have been very excited and eager to share their ideas about what would be needed for the big day.

This weeks maths has involved using the bar model approach to working out how many drinks, sandwiches and pudding etc have been needed for the wedding. Using Numicon and counting on as a way of adding up to find the whole number. In Literacy they have all writen a Wedding are to Mr and Mrs Cadge using both their sounds and copying high frequency words.

Challenges this week have involved designing the Wedding cake, writing invitations to their Year 6 buddies. Alongside this the children have also been designing outfits for the special day, working out the best material to use for a veil, making Wedding cakes with the sand, decorating cakes, booking the Honeymoon in out Travel Agents, using the small world toys to act out Weddings and a great deal more.

Please contact the office if you require a paper copy of any of these documents.

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