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Halloween week

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0 This week the children have been busy learning all about Halloween. We have been carving pumpkins, looking at at how other countries celebrate...   Read More

Perfect poppies

0 The children used water colours and pastels to create these incredible poppy pictures in the style of Georgia O’Keefe. 

Stunning silhouettes

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0 Using images of poppy field  a special their backgrounds, the children created silhouettes of the soldiers to place in the foreground. These are...   Read More

Christmas Lunch

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KS2 Cinema Club

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0 Download the PDF file .

KS1 Cinema Club

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Blackout Poetry

1+ We have used pages from various books set in WW1 to craft our own blackout poems. We chose significant words on the page...   Read More

Headteacher Newsletter No. 328

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Finding out about Henry Reynolds

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0 Today Mr Thomas came to talk to us about Henry Reynolds. He was a gentleman who originated from a village in Northamptonshire and...   Read More

Donate an iPad

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