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Spending time with our Reception buddies

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This afternoon our reception buddies invited us to join them for a wedding! The reception children have been learning about celebrations and today they...   Read More

The Wedding

The children had a wonderful time today celebrating the Wedding of Mr and Mrs Cadge. The Bride was wearing a veil and holding a...   Read More

Wedding preperations

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This week the children in Reception have been busy preparing for today’s Wedding. They have been very excited and eager to share their ideas...   Read More


Throughout the month of December, we have been getting involved in Barvember. This has been an opportunity for us to all get to grips...   Read More

We were on TV!

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We have had the BBC in this week filming our Year 3 children during their Strings Concert. The news report was celebrating the 50...   Read More

Number Line Challenges!

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Don’t tell Mr Thomas but Year 5 have been drawing on the tables today!!!!! Practising plotting numbers on awkward number lines with tricky 5...   Read More

Editing in year 6

Over the past two weeks, the children have been composing a text about a creature from Pandora. Today, they have been using editing stations...   Read More

Out of this world coding!

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Year 5 are now well underway with our Scratch coding project, which is to design and produce a space themed game. Fantastic creative ideas...   Read More

Girls Tag Rugby Triumph!

Last Friday, nine girls from Year 6 represented the school at a girls only Tag Rugby tournament. Our girls did absolutely brilliantly! They played...   Read More


Yesterday, we were treated to a preview of our 5/6 Strictly dances, ahead of their competition at the weekend. The new costumes are fabulous...   Read More

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