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Year 6’s eggcellent film day

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Our Year 6 children have won the amazing opportunity to create adverts for a ‘Go to School on an Egg’ campaign. Led by a...   Read More

Y4 Anglo-Saxon Trip

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Year 4 children took part in an exciting trip to support our learning about the Anglo Saxons for this half term. After a group...   Read More

Year 6 Visit to construction site

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Staff from Winvic visited school to lead a session about the construction site on the edge of Grange Park, including safety issues. All Year...   Read More

Talk Like a Pirate Day

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For one day only, Woodland View is celebrating “Talk Like a Pirate” day. Captain Greybeard led the assembly where children joined in with his...   Read More

Clubs 2015-16

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Details of Clubs for this year announced clubs_autumn_2015

Cluster Olympics

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FOWV Summer Fayre

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Y4 Animal Handling

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Y4 have had a visit from some creatures today. They have included a: rainforest scorpion giant millipede salamander corn snake tarantula giant african bullfrog

Y6 Residential Day 4

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Thursday, 5pm Another beautiful day here on the English Riviera! This morning we explored Scarborough Castle where we had our lunch and then walked...   Read More

Y6 Residential Day 3

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Wednesday, 8pm After a very early start we arrived in York. We climbed Clifford’s Tower and enjoyed a river boat cruise as well as...   Read More

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