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Fun Fair Day – 19th January

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Choose a main meal… Jumbo Pork Sausage in a Hot Dog Roll. Quorn Frankfurter in a Hot Dog Roll. Jacket Potato with Cheese &...   Read More

Life Education Bus

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“Children’s experience of Life Education’s sessions are fun, engaging and memorable. Children meet Harold the Giraffe puppet (‘Healthy Harold’), and friends, have discussions and...   Read More

Year 2 Performance Elf Video

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Dragster from Santa Pod Visit

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We had an exciting vehicle in the car park yesterday! We were visited by staff from Santa Pod who brought with them an amazing...   Read More

Google Expeditions Workshop

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Woodland View was one of the lucky schools to participate in Google’s Expeditions Pioneer Programme. This incorporates virtual reality to bring lessons to life...   Read More

Maths Competition Time!

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Teacher-led Clubs announced

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Details of clubs run by teachers for 2016-17 have now been announced. The information is available on HTNEWS309. A paper copy is also being...   Read More

Clubs Information

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Please see attached the information about all clubs led by our external partners. Details of Teacher-led Clubs will follow later. Club Letter 2016-17

Y6 Residential Day 3

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Y6 Residential Day 2 (AM)

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